Porphyro sacked as Senyavite

In the last few minutes of the 21 September 2014, Senyavite Porphyro I has been sacked from his position as Senyavite after President Barnaby Hands gave him a vote of no confidence. Porphyro I, who had previously been dismissed twice from the role before, was given the vote of no confidence after commenting on a football-related Facebook post by the President, claiming that the sport was over-rated. This is a violation of Article 66 of the Senyan constitution, which declares football the national religion, and as such the comment could be treated as blasphemy. Continue reading

Mar elected new AMU chief

Yaroslav Mar, the President of Lostisland, has been unanimously voted to be the new Administrative-General of the Antarctic Micronational Union, following Niels of Flandrensis’s resignation from office a few days ago.

Niels, who officially withdrew from the MicroWiki community around two-and-a-half years ago, had remained the leader of the Antarctic Micronational Union. However, on Thursday (11 September), he handed in his resignation, citing personal reasons and a growing state of inactivity around the organisation. Continue reading

Asian micronationalists battle for Regional title in contest

Seven asian micronationalists from Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines are battling it out to be named South East Asia’s Top Micronationalist Politician. The contest, which is being organised by Tian Abdurahman, an Indonesian-based micronationalist, who currently leads the nation of Arkapura after it broke away from Indokistan earlier this year, is himself running for the title, and as such has enlisted the help of several micronationalists from outside South East Asia to assist him with the judging.
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Senya confirms Microvision hosting

Senya has today confirmed that it will host Microvision 2014 after winning the late 2013 edition in Mercury.

Senya, which submitted Týr’s folk/viking metal ballard “Fánar Burtur Brandaljóð” to the contest, beat off stiff competition from the likes of Jingdao, Flanders, and Mercury to gain the crown.
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